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All punishments can be appealed on the forums.


A list of punishment sorted by severity from low to high is as follows:


A warning is a pre-measure to notify a potential violator of his potential wrong doings. It is meant to make a person aware of their actions and stimulate them to change their behaviour.

If a warning is ignored, a full punishment will be issued.


A mute is meant to effectively render any verbal abuse by a violator or instigator as ineffective. Mutes are usually temporary and will be lifted automatically after a maximum period of 24 hours.


A kick is meant to quickly remove a violator or instigator from the site, this is usually coupled with a mute to make sure that upon rejoin, the instigator cannot continue their disruptive behaviour.

Temporary Banishments (temp bans)

A temporary ban is meant as a way to make it clear to an instigator or violator that their actions have gone way over the line. A standard temporary ban will last for 30 days. Ban evasion of any kind will (if detected) automatically result in a permanent ban on all associated accounts and IP-addresses.

Permanent Banishments (perm bans)


A permanent ban means a violator or instigator has repeatedly violated the rule, has not listened to reason and is no longer welcome on the server.

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The Basics

The Basics

These rules will apply to every single server and community location that is associated with MineGlade, this could be the forums, the discord or any other future associated platform(s).

Respect your fellow players and community members.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, bigotry or discriminatory behaviour of any kind. If we or a player detects any instance of this behaviour you will instantly receive a warning and a temporary mute. All parties involved will receive a warning, to make sure everyone gets equal treatment and no one feels excluded or “singled-out”.

This clause includes racist or discriminatory imagery (i.e. Minecraft skins or usernames).


We mean to keep our community a safe place for everyone. In order to keep this community a safe place, we also respect a user’s privacy. If a staff member detects any private information being discussed in public where the concerning party has not consented to the exchange of said information, the exchange will be shut down.

This clause also includes impersonating another community member without their consent.


The server does not endorse censorship and you are allowed to use vulgar language, as long as it doesn’t become a nuisance.

Keep it fair for everyone.

Modded, hacked or altered clients that would grant you an unfair advantage towards other players or community members are strictly forbidden, if your game has been detected to be compromised, you will receive a 30-day ban. Repeated violations will result in a permanent ban. Performance-Improving mods (e.g. OptiFine) are allowed.

Depending on the severity of the violation, the punishment length may vary.

Respect the staff.

Treat all staff members as you would any other fellow community member, with respect and dignity. If you feel unsafe or taken advantage or by a staff member, please report this on the forums and senior staff will handle the situation. If a senior staff member is the one in question, please report directly to the owner, Patch.


Impersonating any staff member is forbidden, and punishable by banishment (upon repeated violation).

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Just a welcome message!

Hiya! welcome to MineGlade,

Currently the server is still in development but the alpha server is online!
join through minegla.de (despite what the homepage says)

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